April 2012 Update:  The Friends are happy to report that the climbing rope, which was cut by a vandal in the fall of 2011, has been replaced.  Please report any damage or other issues to us.

When Hayes Park was redesigned in 1992, the children’s play area became a quick favorite of families throughout the South End, and those visiting from areas all over Boston.  Constructed of wood, and featuring a “tower loft”, the structure allowed for hours of adventure play while fitting in nicely with the park theme.  The area was also beloved for its huge sand pit, the largest in Boston. 

Time, however, had taken its toll on the play area, and a new design was needed to not only repair the structure, but also to ensure that it would meet current standards for safety and accessibility. 

During summer 2009, the Friends worked with Paragon Landscaping to design and install a new structure that would be as durable and attractive as the old structure, but also meet current needs.  The new structure, constructed of durable and attractive real wood like the old structure, includes more play areas, and of course, the well-used slide, while meeting new accessibility requirements.  The sand pit remains in place, but is augmented by a rubber surfacing that provides greater protection and permits children of all capabilities to access the structure.

The structure officially opened on June 27, 2009, with Mayor Menino cutting the ribbon.

Play Area Renovated and Repaired

June, 2009, updated April, 2012

Hayes Park Featured in South End Green Spaces Walking Tour

April, 2012

To bring attention to the beauty of Boston, the New England Landscape Design & History Association is producing walking tours of parks, green spaces, and gardens in many of Boston’s neighborhoods. Their first completed tour is of the South End, and appropriately, NELDHA chose Hayes Park as an important green landmark. In fact, Hayes Park is featured prominently on the Association’s website as an advertisement for the South End tour. To see the whole tour, visit NELDHA’s site at South End Walking Tour.


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