Kathryn Willmore

Vice President

Caroline Rotch


Tina Schmid


Jim May

Current Board Members                       

Frances Blair

Isabelle Chase

Claire Corcoran

Tom Fitzgerald

Abbey Flores

Jan Geddes

Jenny Hanna

Angela Hayes

Barry Hayes

Clare Hayes

Sean Hennessey

Bill Kieffer 

Tom Loring

Stephanie Millon

Kim Moore

Susan Park

Melissa Scher

Gretchen Speck

Sarah Woolverton

Ex Officio Board Members

Ann G. Johnson, Landscape Architect for the Friends

Emeritus Directors

Bruce Backman

Claire Bardon

Lee Dunn

Rita Gallo

Lois Johnson

Marlene Karas

Roger Tackeff

Contact Us

To help with the plantings, serve on one of the many committees of the Friends, learn about using the park for events, or report issues or concerns, please email us at

Your thoughts and assistance are always welcome!


The Friends of Hayes Park, Inc.

Officers and Directors, 2016-2017

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